About us


All orders are packaged very discreetly in padded envelopes with heat sealed bags inside, no product name or website name on the outside of the package.
We ship by registered mail. All orders come with a tracking number. You will receive it after your order has been shipped.

If your delivery has not arrived, please allow at least 1 days before contacting us. Please note that we will no longer answer questions about where your shipment is located if it is made within the first 1 days. As much as we want to provide excellent customer service, we get way too many questions like this and it takes a lot of our time to respond to every question. There’s nothing we’ll say or do for you anyway, except to tell you to be patient. We will not call or chase orders until the 1 day period has expired. We will resend the order after 2 business days if it is not received and then request a lost package.

We do not provide free samples, there are sample quantities for sale on the website and very affordable. If you have any doubts about our company, please contact us by email and we will show you that you can trust us.

If you made a mistake while ordering, please message us in the order information and we will cancel it for you. Then send a new order.


You will only receive payment instructions and information about payment methods by email or after ordering online on our website. f.

Western Union is also accepted

We do not accept Visa and Mastercard, it is against the terms of Visa and Mastercard to receive payment for DRUGS

We do not accept cash on delivery – it is impossible for fear of undercover police.

If you sent a payment but changed me, you can get your money back, but only if we haven’t shipped your order yet, but we need to deduct 10% to cover our cost to receive the payment and send it back to you . Alternatively, we can give you a store credit of the full amount that you can use for a later purchase.